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Created by Tish Crolius
Created on Sep 12, 2023

Annual Re-Occurring Billing Entry

My idea is to have the option to have a billing entry re-occur annually, whether it is a fee, cost, or task. We have over 300 clients that we bill a particular charge to once a year and having this feature would avoid me having to enter over 300 charges individually each year simply by checking a box to bill the entry (fee, task, or cost) annually. Then also having the option to reverse that option in the event the client no longer wants that charge billed annually. I have been able to simplify it a bit by billing the charge to one client and then exporting to other clients, but that is also too time consuming especially when you have a list of over 300 clients to export to. So I export in batches. Not to mention that I need to be very careful that I am exporting the correct clients.

  • Nancy Duhon
    Oct 4, 2023

    I think you might be better served by importing annually from a CSV/spreadsheet.