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Delete slips directly from bill preview

Should allow deletion of time or expense slips directly from bill preview just like we can edit entries and time. Now you cannot delete. One has to open actual slip and delete. Very time consuming.
Guest 10 months ago in Billing 0

Be able to "Hold" multiple slips at one time.

Very tedious opening each slip, click on hold, save, close, open next slip, then when removing the hold having to do the same process all over again.
Anne Erickson 10 months ago in Slips 1

Change the order of slips in the bill

It would be nice to be able to easily change the order of slips for a given date from the bill view. To move an entry up or down if they are the same date. Often an attorney would like their time before the staff or vice versa on the bill so it do...
Guest 10 months ago in Slips 1

LINKS: Allow Premium to send emails using 64-bit Outlook

No description provided
Guest 11 months ago in Billing / Integration 0 Planned

AR: Assign write-offs to a specific timekeeper's charges and allow that to affect/correct each timekeeper's percent of an invoice

This will provide a more accurate invoice percentage for each timekeeper so allocations and collection amounts will reflect reality
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in Account Receivables (A/R) 0

Duplicate Slip Alert

When entering an Expense, have a field for an invoice number and then have TS recognize when a duplicate invoice number has been entered.
JillianG JillianG 7 months ago in Slips 0

Entering receipts

It would be a nice idea if payments could be entered in batch (multiple clients at one time) instead of entering one at a time.
Jeffrey Bookman 4 months ago in Account Receivables (A/R) 0

Search Feature in Filter for Slip Selection

In reports, I think that a search feature in the "Filter for Slip Selection" would be extremely helpful. Currently, you can only scroll to a slip number you want to select and it's very time consuming especially when you have numerous slips to sel...
Tish Crolius 4 months ago in Reporting 0

Sort by Hold and Master Client fields on Client Information list

Timeslips user with a verrrry long Open client list regularly puts clients on Hold from the client list during the billing process. She then has to crawl through the list and remove the Holds individually. If she could sort by that column, she cou...
Heath Heath 7 months ago in Billing 0

REPORTS: Allow pre-bill worksheets to print to separate files for each client, like electronic bills do.

No description provided
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in Billing / Reporting 0