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FUNDS: Choose a Auto Payment date that will allow transfer when using TAL.

Client funds can be set to automatic payment from funds when a bill is approved. However, if the bill date is not today's date, when the G/L transactions go to Quickbooks, then the user has to manually change the date of each journal entry in Quic...
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in Funds 0

FUNDS: Allow to transfer money between funds accounts for related projects

No description provided
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in Funds 0

FUNDS: Include a Payment Type on Funds Transactions - IRS Issues - R-02638

Being able to sort Trust payments by Payment Type would make a huge difference - obviously for deposit reports. The IRS requires a Form 8300 for Cash transactions greater than $10,000 for related matters. This includes multiple payments that add u...
James Reese about 2 years ago in Funds 0