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Navigator - Schedule of Unbilled Time always totals $0, regardless of the number of unbilled slips

Unbilled invoices should have a positive total, not $Zero
Gary Tenzer 4 months ago in Navigators & Procedures 0

Bigger check boxes please!

My dexterity isn't what it once was. lol
HMLaw HMLaw 9 months ago in Other 0

report of security templates assigned to timekeepers

we utilize 3 different templates with varying levels of permission for our timekeepers. There is no place to confirm the template assigned to a ttmekeeper hired 15 yeras ago is the correct one. the ability to look somewhere or a run a report would...
kmm kmm 9 months ago in Timekeepers 0


The past 2 months the program has failed to balance or carry of credits/balances of certain clients when preparing billing. Yes, I have applied payments after billing has been approved, etc. It is very frustrating to have get this done, and chat w...
Guest 10 months ago in Account Receivables (A/R) 0

SLIPS: Display slip description for individual slips within rows of Slip List

This will let you review slip descriptions easily without having to click on individual slips.
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in Slips 0 Planned

SLIPS: Copy a group of slips to another client

Current solution is to "export slips to file and then import slips to other client"
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in Slips 0

SLIPS: Slip attachments should be stored in the database and be included in backups

It's especially a problem in multi-user environments.
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in Slips 0

ECENTER: Expand abbreviations before clicking Save like in Premium

No description provided
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in eCenter 1

TAL: Link with Quickbooks Online

No description provided
Tom Hinds 11 months ago in Integration 0

My List options

If we could make My List Tasks restrictive, we could more tightly control which Tasks were used by Timekeepers. If the My List Tasks worked with Activities set by Client, we , could determine more tightly which Tasks were used, even going so far a...
Heath Heath 7 months ago in Activities 0